Product UpSell Functionality

Learn how to add UpSell popup form in the DGD Crusade theme using metafields and metaobjects.

Go to Shopify Admin >> Settings >> Custom Data >> Metafields.

 Create a metafield that is called Upsell with the namespace key as follows: "dgd.upsell" and have it reference a metaobject. Make sure you give it access to Storefronts. See screenshot below.

Product Upsell metafield

Now, create a metaobject (give access to Storefronts) and call it Upsell.

Create a single line text field called "Name" and set it as "Display Name." Namespace key is

Create a product reference field and name it Upsell Product with namespace key upsell.upsell_product

Create a single line text field called "Product to Discount" with a namespace key of "upsell.product_to_discount" and limit it to preset choices. One named "product" and one named "upsell"

Then create a decimal field with namespace key "upsell.discount_amount" and name it Discount Amount.

Lastly, create a single line text field called Discount Type with namespace key: "upsell.discount_type" and limit it to preset choices: one named "dollars" and one named "percent"

Metaobject for Upsell