Push Performance to the Max

DGD Crusade

Get the most out of every visitor with a robust Shopify theme built for SPEED and FUNCTIONALITY.


But All Our Clients Face The Same Pain Points

One of the most common requests we get is, "Can you increase our website speed?" A lot of agencies buy or sell prebuilt themes that come with this pain point in it automatically.

The Journey

Why We Built DGD Crusade

Learn why we sacrificed 2,000+ unpaid hours to bring this theme to you.

What Makes DGD Crusade Different?

Unlike other companies that constantly build new themes and sell them, we have put over 1 year of work into building and optimizing a single theme, and we are dedicated to that theme only. We are continually working on adding more features and improving the theme to meet our client needs and to help you overcome business challenges.

Don't Believe Us? See For Yourself


Our Theme is 100% Screen reader-friendly and Meets Web Content Accessibility Guidelines AA success criteria.